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Dr. Pratap Singh


  1. Name : Dr. Pratap Singh
  2. Fathers Name : Sh. Bali Singh
  3. Date of Birth : 1st January 1957
  4. Address for correspondence : Sr. Research Assistant Agro-Economic Research Centre H.P. University, Shimla-5
  5. Permanent Address : Ramvatika Colony Katheda Bhatta Road Near Railway Station Dadri, G.B. Nagar (U.P.)-203207.
  6. Educational Qualifications:

Examinations passed Years % Marks University

  1. Ph.D. (Economics) 2002 - H.P. University
  2. M.Sc. Agril.Economics 1980 57% (II) Meerut University
  3. B.Sc. Agriculture 1978 54% (II) Meerut University
  4. Intermediate 1975 52%(II) U.P. Board
  5. High School 1973 42% (III) U.P. Board

7. Experience:

  1. Presently working as Sr. Research Assistant/Sr. Research Investigator from Ist Jan. 2003 in Agro-Economic Research Centre, H.P. University, Shimla.
  2. Working as Research Associate from March 2001-31 Dec. 2002, Project on Livestock Crop Production System analysis, (NATP Project of ICAR/NDRI), Agro-Economics research Centre, H.P., University, Shimla-5.  The duties in the Project Involve Data collection, Analysis, and short Report Preparations.
  3. Worked as a Research Associate in the Research Project on quantifying Contribution of common Property Resources in the Farming Systems of Himachal Pradesh from 21 st august 1999 to Feb. 2001.  The work performed in the Project Involved Data collection, Analysis, and short report Preparations.
  4. Worked as Research Associate from 8.7.1993 to 20th August 1999 at the Centre for sustainable Development, Aries India, Faridabad.  Main duties were to collect data and analyse the results and report writing regarding land and water resources development and management; problems of farming and agricultural development; and market survey for farm implements and earthmoving equipments. 
  5. Worked as Social science Teacher of Junior High School Students at the Amarpali Public School, Brijvihar, Ghaziabad from 16.8.1987 to 30.4.1993. 
  6. Worked as Mobile guide for development of village cooperatives from 15.5.1986 to 30.6.1987 in the National cooperative Development Corporation, New Delhi.  Main duties were to impart training of cooperative principles to farmers and to encourage them to set-up village cooperative societies. 
  7. Worked as a Research Investigator from 11 July 1983 to 12 May 1986 in the Himalayan Economic Development Project of the Department of Economics, Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla.  Duties were to collect and analyse data on ecological problems of farming communities and the carrying capacity of common property natural resources and watersheds in Himachal Pradesh.  Also participated in project report writing. 

8. Research Publications:

  1. A Study of Natural Resource Conservation and Carrying Capacity of two Watersheds in Himachal Pradesh, vol. I, Research report, department of Economics, H.P. University, Shimla, 1985.
  2. Male or Female: Who Work More in Hill Agriculture? Himalayan Research & Development vol. 5 (1986).
  3. Requirement of Agricultural credit in Himachal Pradesh, Research Report, 1996.
  4. Land Distribution Pattern and Land Reforms in Himachal Pradesh, Research Report, 1999.
  5. Ph. D. Thesis “Integrated Planning for Livestock Farming in different Agro-climatic Zones in Himachal Pradesh.
  6. Building up of an-Efficient Marketing System to Obviate Need for a Large Scale State Intervention in Himachal Pradesh, Research Report, 2003. 
  7. Production and Marketing of Sangtra and Kinnow in H.P. by Ranveer Singh, S.P. Saraswat, C.S. Vaidya, Pratap Singh, 2009.
  8. Impact of Emerging Marketing Channels in Agriculture Marketing Benefit to Producer-Sellers and Marketing Costs and Margins of Apple and Tomato in H.P. by Ranveer Singh, C.S. Vaidya, Meenakshi and Pratap Singh, 2011.
  9. Building Up of an Efficient Marketing System to Obviate Need for a Large Scale State Intervention in Himachal Pradesh by Ranveer Singh, Pratap Singh and S.P.Saraswat, 2004.
  10. Evaluation of Post Harvest Losses in Apple and Tomato in Selected Areas (A Consolidated Study of Himachal Pradesh, Punjab and Karnataka) by Ranveer Singh, S.P.Saraswat and Pratap Singh, 2003.
  11. Determinants of stagnation in Productivity of Important Crops in H.P. by Ranveer Singh, Meenakshi, Pratap Singh, 2010. 
  12. State Budgetary Resources and Agricultural Development in H.P. by Ranveer Singh, S.P. Saraswat, Meenakshi, Pratap Singh, 2008.
  13. Estimation of Seed, Feed and Wastage in foodgrains in Himachal Pradesh by Ranveer Singh, S.P.Saraswat, Meenakshi and Pratap Singh, 2006.
  14. Agricultural Policy in Himachal Pradesh: A Policy Matrix in a Federal System by Ranveer Singh, S.P.Saraswat and Pratap Singh, 2004.
  15. Production and Marketing of Milk and Milk Products in Himachal Pradesh by Ranveer Singh and Pratap Singh, 2015.
  16. Fish Production in H.P. Economic Analysis of Fish Ponds by Ranveer Singh, Meenakshi, S.P. Saraswat, Pratap Singh, 2008.
  17. Status Report on Economic Viability of Floriculture in Himachal Pradesh, By S.P. Saraswat and Pratap Singh, 2006.   

Research Papers Published in full length

  1. S.P. Saraswat, Pratap & P.S. Dahiya, “A Strategy for enhancing Farm Incomes in under developed Areas of Himachal Pradesh: The Role of Commercial Crops”. Paper presented in national Seminar on Development Alternatives for Underdeveloped Areas of India, Social science Perspective, Organised by Department of Economics Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla-5 on 24-25 April, 2000. 
  2. S.P. Saraswat and Pratap Singh, “Distribution of Land Resources in Himachal Pradesh: Implication for Agricultural Development”, Paper presented in Seminar on Strategies for Sustainable Livelihood System Development in Himalayan Region Organised by Agro-Economic Research Centre, H.P. University Shimla. In Collaboration with Institute of Integrated Himalayan Studies on 24th March, 2003. 
  3. S.P. Saraswat and Pratap singh, “Trend in area, Production and Productivity of Important crops in Himachal Pradesh.”Political economy Journal of India, Vol. II, Issue 3 & 4, July-Dec.2002.
  4. Ranveer Singh, S.P. Saraswat and Pratap Singh, “Price Spread and Marketing Efficiency of Himachal Apples in a Regulated Market: Policy Issues and Strategies, “Indian Journal of Agricultural marketing (18), 3  Conference Special Oct.-Dec. 2004.
  5. S.P. Saraswat, Prem Singh Dahiya and Pratap singh, “Production and Marketing of Peach Fruit: A Case study of rajgarh area of District Sirmour in Himachal Pradesh, “Indian Journal of Agricultural Marketing Vol. 20, No.2. May-Aug., 2006.
  6. S.P. Saraswat, Ranveer Singh and Pratap singh, “Impact of Irrigation on cropping Pattern.  Input Utilization Productivity and Net Retruns Per Farm in Command Areas of Different Irrigation Systems in Himachal Pradesh”, Agricultural Situation in India, Vol. XIII, No.12, March, 2007. 

Research Articles Published in summary Form in Periodicals

  1. S.P. Saraswat, Pratap Singh, Amresh Sharma and S.K. Garg, “Assessment of Food Security at Household Level in Different Zones of Hindkush Himalayas with Particular Reference to Himachal Pradesh in India, Indian Journal of Agricultural economics, Vol. 61 No.3 , Conference number July-Sept, 2006.
  2. S.P. Saraswat, Pratap Singh and Amresh Sharma, “Enhancing the Farm Income Through Vegetable crops in solan district of Himachal Pradesh”, Indian Journal of Agricultural Economics, Vol. 63 No.3, Conf. No. July-Sept. 2008.
  3. S.P. Saraswat, Amresh Sharma and Pratap Singh, “Utilization and Agricultural Development in Himachal Pradesh”, Indian Journal of Agricultural economics, Vol. 64, No. 3 Con. No. July-Sept. 2009.   
  4. B.R. Sharma, Pratap Singh and Amresh Sharma, “Role of Kisan Call Centre in Hill Agriculture”, Indian Journal of Agricultural economics, Vol. 66, No.3, July-Sept, 2011.
  5. S.P. Saraswat, Amresh Sharma, Pratap Singh, B.R. Sharma, “Scenario of Nutritional Food Security of farming Families in Himachal Pradesh,” Vol. 67, No.3, July-Sept., 2012.