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Book Published
  1. Organic Sikkim - Leading The Change, Westville Publishing House, New Delhi, 2013 by Tej Pratap and C. S. Vaidya, September 2013

  2. Forest Farming Conservation Production and Consumption in Rural Indian (Wood Balance Study), Mittal Publications New Delhi 1994 by B.K. Sikka & D.V. Singh. 

  3. Production and Marketing of Wool and Mutton in India: Mittal Publications, New Delhi, 1992 by Ranveer Singh.

  4. A Social Economy of an Affluent Village, Mittal Publications, 1992 by B.K. Sikka and S.P Saraswat.

  5. Production and Marketing of Off-Season Vegetables, Mittal Publications, New Delhi, 1990 by D.V. Singh.

  6. Social Economy of a Tribal Village on Indo- Tibetan Border, Mittal Publications, New Delhi, 1988 by R. Swarup & Ranveer Singh.

  7. Production and Marketing of Apple, Mittal Publications, New Delhi, 1988 by R. Swarup & B.K. Sikka.

  8. Horticultural Development in Hill Areas (A Study in Himachal Pradesh), Mittal Publications, New Delhi, 1988 by K. C. Azad, R. Swarup & B.K. Sikka.

  9. National Rural Employment Programme in H.P., Mittal Publications, New Delhi, 1988 by R.Swarup.

  10. Management of Social Forestry in India, Aagricole Publishing Academy, New Delhi, 1987 by R. Swarup & K.P. Chand.

  11. Demand for Fresh Fruits -An Econometric analysis, B.R. Publishing Corporation, Delhi, 1986 by B.K. Sikka.

  12. Agricultural Development in Himachal Pradesh, Agricole Publishing Academy, New Delhi, 1983 by R. Swarup & B.K. Sikka.