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  • AGRO- ECONOMIC RESEARCH CENTRE (Established in 1972)
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Occasional Papers
  1. Project Appraisal: A Simplified Approach for Appraising Minor Irrigation Works for Use by  Commercial Banks, R.N. Tewari & J.P.Bhati,1974.

  2. Marketing of Himachal’s Seed Potato: A Study in Minimizing Transportation Cost and  in Augmenting Farmer’s share, C.S. Raghubansi &R.N. Tewari, 1974.

  3. Fruit Industry of Himachal Pradesh in Retrospect and Prospect, R.N. Tewari, 1976.

  4. An Agro-Economic Survey of Poanta Valley in H.P., R.S. Tomer, R. Swarup & J.P. Bhati, 1976.

  5. Adoption of Improved Technology and Levels of Input in Hill  Agriculture, R.P. Yadav & J.P. Bhati & R. Swarup 1977.

  6. Price Behaviour of Important Pulses in India, B.L. Khodpia, R.P.S. Malik & R.Swarup, 1977.

  7. Trends in Acreage, Production, Productivity and Prices of Major Field Crops in H.P., D.R. Thakur, R. Swarup & C.S. Raghubansi, 1978.

  8. Agricultural Development in Erstwhile Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh, T.V.Moorti & R.Swarup,1979.

  9. Marketing and Demand for Eggs in Shimla City: An Econometric Study,   K.P. Chand, B.K. Sikka & C.S. Raghubansi, 1979.

  10. Community Forestry in Himachal Pradesh:  Case Study in Gamrola Catchment Area, Ranveer Singh & R.Swarup,1979.

  11. Resource Use Efficiency in Wheat and Maize: A Comparative Study of HYV’s and  Local Varieties in District Bilaspur, A.L.Nadda,R.Swarup,1980.

  12. Agricultural Efficiency in Himachal Pradesh: A District-wise Study, 1966-67 to 1979-80 D.V. Singh & R.. Swarup.

  13. Impact of Regulation on Market Functioning:  A Study  of Fruits Markets in Northern India, Ranveer Singh, B.K. Sikka &R. Swarup, 1985.

  14. Problems of wool and Milk Marketing Among Tribal Migrants of Himachal Pradesh, Ranveer Singh, C.S. Vaidya & R. Swarup, 1985.

  15. Growth and Problems of State Revenues in H.P., Meenakshi,1987.

  16. Impact of Education vis-à-vis Technology on Agricultural Output in Himachal Pradesh, Jagdish Chand, 1989.

  17. Production Marketing and Price Analysis of H.P. Citrus C.S.Vaidya, B.K.Sikka &  R.Swarup.