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Studies On Rural Development
  1. Impact of NREGA on Wage Rates Food Security and Rural Urban Migration in Himachal by C.S. Vaidya, Ranveer Singh, 2011.

  2. Rural Non-Farm Employment in Himachal Pradesh by C.S.Vaidya, M.L.Sharma and N.K.Sharma, 2004.

  3. Decentralized Planning For Sirmour: A Relatively Backward District in Himachal Pradesh by T.R. Sharma & Ranveer Singh, 1995.

  4. Agro Climatic Regional Planning at District Level-Operationalisation of Strategies in Shimla District by T.R. Sharma, 1992.

  5. Decentralized Planning in Shimla District by T.R. Sharma & B.K. Sikka 1991.

  6. Impact of Integrated Rural Development Programme in Mandi District of H.P by K.P. Chand, 1986.

  7. Impact of National-Rural Employment Programme in H.P. by K.P. Chand & R. Swarup, 1985.

  8. Study of Tribals and Transhumant/Pastoral Nomads in new areas of IWDP Phase Second in H.P. by Ranveer Singh, 1999.

  9. Social Assessment of Experience With Participator Planning and Implementation Under the First Integrated Watershed Development Project (A Retrospective Evaluation) financed by IWDP Solan by D.V. Singh, 1999.

  10. Social Assessment of New Areas Proposed to be Covered under Second Phase of IWDP (A Perspective Study) financed by IWDP Solan by C.S. Vaidya, 1999.

  11. Impact Evaluation Study Integrated Watershed Development (Hills) Project, Markanda Watershed in H.P. by D.V. Singh, 1998.

  12. Concurrent Evaluation Study IWDP (Hills) Markanda Watershed in H.P. by D.V. Singh, 1996.

  13. Impact of National Watershed Development Project for Rainfed Areas (NWDPRA) by C.S. Vaidya, M.L. Sharma & N.K. Sharma 1995.

  14. Evaluation of Integrated Watershed Development Project (Hills) Himachal Pradesh: A Socio-Economic Profile Markanda Watershed by Ranveer Singh, C.S. Vaidya & D.V. Singh, 1993.

  15. Base Line Survey of Integrated Watershed Development (Hills) Project (World Bank) by B.K. Sikka, Ranveer Singh, D.V. Singh & C.S. Vaidya, 1992.

  16. Impact of National Watershed Development Programme on Rainfed Agriculture in District Bilaspur of H.P. by S. P. Saraswat, C.S. Nadda & B.K. Sikka, 1990.

  17. Indo-German Changer Project- A Base Line Survey by C.S. Vaidya, Ranveer Singh & B.K. Sikka, 1990